A thought: Outing death

A thought: Outing death

John A. Braun

“Don’t forget, you’re going to die,” the message on the screen read. It was from an app that sends five e-mails each day with the sober reminder that death is inevitable. The app is called WeCroak.

It’s a little flippant perhaps, but some appreciate the reminders. As one commented, “With so many stimuli coming at you, it’s nice to have something in your pocket that slows you down, lets you look at the big picture” (Reuters, January 10, 2018). Others suggest that the notices about death are liberating because they are reminders that there is nothing more than the days of one’s life. More than 100,000 people use the app, and most of them are under the age of 44.

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Author: John A. Braun
Volume 107, Number 04
Issue: April 2020

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John Braun

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