Lutheran leadership

In 2023, Forward in Christ is including a special focus on Lutheran leadership. Check back each month to see what new resources are added.


church steeple with blue sky

Challenged churches

All churches face challenges. Defining the biggest challenge can help congregations determine what can be...
colorful stained glass cross reflection on floor

Jesus’ church will not be overcome

Why I am confident in the future of Christianity. I am confident about the future...
4 young women Ella Goede

Refined by fire

A teen shares her mental health struggles and how God gave her the strength to...
Misc people walking illustration

The importance of followers

Strong leaders need strong followers, working together to advance God’s kingdom. What characteristics does an...
up close hand holding phone with NEWS on screen

Our Lutheran moment

Recent news headlines highlight one challenge after another for our world—which makes it an ideal...
man kneeling at church

Leading from your knees

Lutheran leaders joyfully spend hours in prayer, knowing prayer in Jesus’ name always works according...