Lutheran leadership

In 2023, Forward in Christ is including a special focus on Lutheran leadership. Check back each month to see what new resources are added.


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Shifting congregational culture

Congregational culture change isn’t easy, but if successful, it opens up new ways of using...
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Partners in ministry

How called workers and lay leaders can work better together in God’s kingdom. Are you...
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The love of Christ compels us

According to a 2021 survey of US adults, 86 percent are somewhat or completely certain...
Illustration of the Father, Son and Holy spirit. Hand, sheep and dove

The Lord’s triple gift

Isaiah’s vision reminds us of God’s triple gift to us—gifts that motivate us to serve...
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Challenged churches

All churches face challenges. Defining the biggest challenge can help congregations determine what can be...
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Jesus’ church will not be overcome

Why I am confident in the future of Christianity. I am confident about the future...