The divine call


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A few words about the divine call

What does it mean when your pastor or teacher receives a call to serve somewhere else? How is it that they were chosen to...
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More about the divine call

The news usually comes in an announcement after worship. Your pastor or one of the teachers in your school has...
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The Lord calls: Article 1

The Lord uses his church to place public ministers of the gospel where he wants...

The Lord calls: Article 2

The Lord guides his people to select public servants of the gospel. After 24 years...

The Lord calls: Article 3

While a vacancy may be difficult, the Lord will bless a congregation through it. He...
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The Lord calls: Article 4

A congregation needs to prepare to meet its new called worker. “You never get a...
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Behind the scenes: How graduates are assigned to ministry

A retired district president shares his insights into the joys and challenges that are a...
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The public ministry and the divine call

What does it mean when an individual receives a call to share God’s Word with...

Bible study

The Conference of Presidents released this Bible study that deals with the public ministry, the call, and the WELS call process. While designed for a Bible class setting, it is available to anyone for personal self-study.