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District news: December 2021

Happy anniversary!


On Sept. 26, St. John, Woodland, Wis., celebrated its 150th anniversary.

First, Elkhorn, Wis., celebrated its 150th anniversary on Sept. 26.

St. John, Wauwatosa, Wis., celebrated the 40th anniversary in the pastoral ministry of Joel Leyrer on Oct. 3.

Shoreland Lutheran High School, Somers, Wis., celebrated its 50th anniversary on Oct. 10.

On Oct. 24, Water of Life, Racine/Caledonia, Wis., celebrated the 25th anniversary in the pastoral ministry of Michael Zarling.

Peace, Granger, Ind., celebrated its 50th anniversary on Nov. 7.


On Nov. 7, St. Paul, Saginaw, Mich., celebrated the 170th anniversary of the congregation’s founding and the rededication of its pipe organ.

Dist News AZCA Redding-


On Oct. 10, Mount Calvary, Redding, Calif., hosted a community Harvest Festival as part of its outreach for Christians in Action. Many community members visited Mount Calvary’s campus during this free festival.



Dist News WW Wisconsin Lutheran MadisonWESTERN WISCONSIN

In September, Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel and Student Center, Madison, Wis., celebrated the end of its 100th year of campus ministry with a special service and anniversary activities.



The Fashion Technology classes at Wisconsin Lutheran High School, Milwaukee, Wis., made a banner and vestments for two local congregations for Reformation. Students are also working on vestments and stoles to correspond to other seasons of the church year.


Dist News WW St-Mark Eau-ClaireWESTERN WISCONSIN

A team of volunteers from St. Mark, Eau Claire, Wis., erected a new play set for a foster care family and also collected and distributed school supplies at its local foster family picnic to introduce its new group of volunteers to local foster families. This is part of Kingdom Workers’ Foster Support program.


The district reporters for this month are: AZ-CA—Michael Schroeder; MI—John Eich; SEW—Matthew Schaewe; WW—Brett Brauer.

Volume 108, Number 12
Issue: December 2021



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