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Luther Preparatory School students to Germany

Encouraging others has ripple effects

Souksamay Phetsanghane, a professor at Luther Preparatory School (LPS), Watertown, Wis., remembers vividly a fall day in 1996 when he and his friends were playing basketball in the church parking lot and Vicar Joe Johnson came over and joined in. Johnson’s act of friendliness played a significant role in Phetsanghane’s decision to become a pastor. It also plays a significant role in how he approaches his calling to the students at LPS.

“People encouraged me,” he says, “and now I’m here to encourage others.”

That encouragement takes many forms, but one way that Phetsanghane encouraged his students this year was through mission and ministry trips to Iowa, Germany (pictured above), and Czech Republic.
Souksamay Phetsanghane and Joe Johnson in 2022


Souksamay Phetsanghane (left) credits Joe Johnson (right) with encouraging him to pursue the pastoral ministry. Johnson vicared in Phetsanghane's home church when he was in grade school. The two were reunited at a celebration of ministry retreat in San Antonio, Texas, in April. Read "Encouraging others has ripple effects" for the full story.

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