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Book nook: Deep as the Sea: Letters to Survivors of Trauma

As a survivor of a debilitating near-death experience in my late teens as well as a survivor of childhood violent trauma—and also as someone who still deals with the after-effects of these experiences—I was eager to read Pastor Timothy Bourman’s debut book, Deep as the Sea: Letters to Survivors of Trauma. I found these letters to be uniquely helpful to me in my present struggles, and I expect this material will continue to be a useful resource to me and my loved ones as time goes on.

under water blue book coverBourman has thoughtfully constructed a unique work designed to assist Christian survivors in their recovery from all types of traumas. Each letter is designed to address different types of trauma and different stages of the healing process. The Scripture verses are well chosen, and the letters function as powerful devotions to touch the readers’ hearts and administer the spiritual salve their wounds require. All this is accomplished while also educating about modern methods of treatment. Although the content can be very detailed and intellectual, it also feels personal and relatable.

There is real healing in this book. I found the scriptural applications to be extremely helpful, and I also gained a lot of valuable information. I intend to share what I’ve learned with my counselor and spouse, but I’ll also be sharing the book with other survivors. A “Reader’s Guide” is included at the end and functions like a worksheet for getting the most out of the material.

Deep as the Sea is an extraordinary resource for individuals who are recovering from their own traumatic experiences, and it certainly could be a powerful tool for pastors, teachers, and others to share with those in their care. Though it is clearly designed for the survivor, it also can provide a lot of insight for pastors and ministry leaders to learn more about the struggles their members face.

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Author: Josh Renner
Volume 109, Number 10
Issue: October 2022

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