Garden of Eden lush trees and grass

Paradise restored

Confessions of Faith April 24 Bernard Dale

Confessions of faith: Bernard Dale

Light shining through a cross

Jesus lights the way

Excited woman outside of tomb

More room for joy!


The mission of WELS schools

Christian parents holding their newborn baby are overwhelmed with emotions ...
Mark Schroeder

The heavenly gardener

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colo. Sunken Gardens, St ...
James F. Pope

Paradise restored

“The one who was seated on the throne said to ...
Jeremiah J. Gumm

Confessions of faith: Bernard Dale

A near-death experience forces a man to reconsider his way ...
John Holtz

Free in Christ: Community outreach

“Let us not love with words or speech but with ...
Paul Biedenbender, Bradley Johnston, Steve Waldschmidt

Parent conversations: Why should children obey their parents?

Parenting techniques come and go, but the answer to this ...
FIC, John Juern

Q&A: What would Jesus think about all the different Christian denominations?

Jesus wants his church to be unified. Wouldn’t he be ...
David Scharf

My Christian life: A pastor with brain cancer finds true strength

A blog written by a pastor during his struggle with ...
Paul Brug, Caitlyn Brug

Jesus lights the way

Jesus is the light that combats the darkness in this ...
Cindi Holman

Please explain: Why is the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead so important?

Why is the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ from the ...
Isaac Cherney

It happened in a garden: Joseph of Arimathea’s garden

Jesus’ appearance to Mary Magdalene in the garden provides hope ...
Jason Strong

What if it’s true . . . that you are forgiven

You may know these words better than you care to ...
Greg Lyon

More room for joy!

Because Jesus lives, every tear shed on earth will only ...
Nathan Nass

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