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“It’s good to be here”

“I feel like I’m on top of the mountain of transfiguration! Everything is happy and bright, but I know it won’t stay this way forever.” Russian seminarian Andre Gydkov expressed such thoughts more than once. Life was good! God had rescued him from unbelief and death and led him to a fresh, new purpose as a pastoral apprentice. WELS was providing a network of instructors to nurture him and the means to study and serve souls full time. “Lord, it’s good to be here!” he said.

But on Aug. 30, 2020, his life changed in an instant.

russian man in wheelchairWhile riding his bicycle, Andre was struck by a car. He should have died, but God spared him. Andre was wearing a helmet. The ambulance arrived on the scene in minutes and rushed him to a nearby hospital.

The accident crushed six inches of bone and flesh below Andre’s left knee. He should have lost the leg, but God was merciful. The surgeon on duty was a cycling enthusiast. He went to extraordinary lengths to save Andre’s limb.

While he was in the hospital, Andre shared Jesus with a man who recently had an arm amputated. Now that man and his wife keep in regular contact with Andre. They are hungry to learn more about their Savior. God is good!

Andre’s road to recovery lies through multiple surgeries and months of painful healing with a metal cage holding his shattered leg in place, but God is here. Money from the people of Andre’s congregation in Iskitim and WELS Christian Aid and Relief helped him first purchase specialized medicines, then a wheelchair—and most recently a set of crutches! God is good!

Andre says, “God often disguises himself when he helps people. He comes as a mother to care for children. He comes as a doctor to heal the injured. He has come to me through generous brothers and sisters who encourage me and pray for me and bring offerings to help me. Thank you!”

Author: Luke Wolfgramm
Volume 108, Number 2
Issue: February 2021

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