How can we help a family with a sick parent?

In April 2018, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I never…
2019/02/28/by Nicole Balza

Struggling with healthy cell phone use

Let’s have a show of hands. How many of you are struggling…
2019/02/01/by Nicole Balza

Consider making a digital resolution in 2019

Our families are at war with technology and digital communication.…
2019/02/01/by Nicole Balza

Trust in God provides relief from fear

How can we protect our kids without scaring them?

I think…
2018/12/27/by Nicole Balza

How can we protect our kids without scaring them?

When my oldest child was very young, we were at our pediatrician’s…
2018/12/27/by Nicole Balza

Using Chrismons in Advent devotions

Chrismons are Christian symbols that are often used as Christmas…
2018/12/10/by Nicole Balza

Advent devotions keep family’s eyes on Jesus

During most of the year, our family gathers each evening for…
2018/11/30/by Nicole Balza

Seeing the Lord this Christmas

I can see the candlelight in her eyes. It flickers there in the…
2018/11/30/by Nicole Balza

A simple Christmas

It’s almost Christmas. Time stops for no one. So we dash through…
2018/11/30/by Nicole Balza

How can I help my son grow into a godly man?

“What does it mean to be a man?” That question ran through…
2018/11/02/by Nicole Balza

More is caught than taught

My oldest daughter recently took her driving test for the state…
2018/10/05/by Nicole Balza

Raising strong, godly women

Honestly, I think we do a pretty good job raising strong, godly…
2018/10/05/by Nicole Balza
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