Honesty is a heart issue

This is a fascinating topic for me. A few years ago, I had the…
2017/08/14/by Nicole Balza

We need to ask, “Why is the child lying?”

One Sunday morning after church, I stopped for gas. Inside the…
2017/08/14/by Nicole Balza

Jesus’ love drives out fear

“It must’ve gotten dinged in the parking lot.”

2017/08/14/by Nicole Balza

God offers unconditional forgiveness–for parents, too

It was a long day at work. I was exhausted. When I finally returned…
2017/06/29/by Nicole Balza

Parenting guilt? You’re not alone.

We live in a society that reviews and re-evaluates just about…
2017/06/29/by Nicole Balza

Moving past our parenting guilt

On a hot, sunny July day in 1994, my husband and I walked out…
2017/06/29/by Nicole Balza

How can we help our children cope with disappointment?

I asked my writers’ club to weigh in on this article. The club…
2017/06/06/by Nicole Balza

Let your child feel disappointed

One of the great challenges we face as parents is watching our…
2017/06/06/by Nicole Balza

Dealing with disappointment

“Disappointed” might be too weak a word. When my daughter…
2017/06/06/by Nicole Balza

Teaching discernment in the digital age

It seems like yesterday when the Lord blessed my husband and…
2017/05/08/by Nicole Balza

Guiding children as they use the Internet

How many parents would take their two-year-olds to the pool for…
2017/05/04/by Nicole Balza

Online safety resources

Safety Sites
Google has a great collection of informational…
2017/05/04/by Nicole Balza
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