Kids and cell phones: What’s right for you?

Disclosure alert . . . my husband and I are definitely not the…
2018/04/05/by Nicole Balza

Kids and cell phones: One family’s experience

Parenting sure has changed! I remember a two-week trip abroad…
2018/04/05/by Nicole Balza

Don’t let your cell phone run your life

As a 22-year-old, soon to be college graduate, the day I got…
2018/04/05/by Nicole Balza

Raising gentlemen

Sometimes we forget that Jesus is both strong and gentle.  

2018/03/03/by Nicole Balza

Balancing strength and gentleness

Teaching our kids to find a balance between strength and gentleness…
2018/03/03/by Nicole Balza

Finding strength in gentleness

How wonderful it is to have the opportunity to teach gentleness…
2018/03/03/by Nicole Balza

Reflecting God’s love begins with grace

As a mom of five, I admit to times of spiritual and physical…
2018/02/01/by Nicole Balza

Love others by really being there for them

I’ve learned an awful lot from my daughter. The wonder and…
2018/02/01/by Nicole Balza

Tips for setting achievable resolutions

It’s a running joke every January at the fitness club I attend.…
2017/12/29/by Nicole Balza

Teaching kids to work toward goals

I’ve never liked the term resolution. It has an ugly connotation…
2017/12/29/by Nicole Balza

How to keep resolutions from fizzling out

“Hudson, my man! Let’s talk about the club we’re starting.” 

2017/12/29/by Nicole Balza

Cultivating a mission heart in children

These are my five ways to cultivate a mission heart in children.

2017/12/05/by Nicole Balza
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