Wendy Heyn

Family details: Husband Juerg—a German national.

Sophia—loves to read, especially historical fiction. Loves science and math and horses. Speaks German and English fluently and has been blessed to spend all of her summers in Germany. 11 trips there and back so far. Liam—A happy, social little boy who learns something new every day. Liam loves books, especially Pete the Cat. Liam has Mecp2 Duplication Syndrome, which causes severe cognitive and physical disabities. Miriam—Miriam is a precious gift to us through adoption. Every day we marvel at the amazing plans of God in bringing her to our family. Miriam loves to take care of and play with her big brother. She works hard to keep up with Sophia too. As a result, Miriam also loves horses, and she pretends to read all the time! Miriam has only been to Germany 3 times, but she hopes to catch up to her older sister some day!

What portion of Scripture do you refer to most often as a parent? I think that I refer to the Psalms mostly as I often find myself sad and grieving over the things that we face with Liam’s syndrome. The Psalms are always a balm to my heart.

I also love to read about David, Jonah, Moses, and the many others in the Bible who struggled with God’s plan for their lives. God used these very broken men, and it reassures me that he can use me too.

What’s the best piece of parenting advice you’ve ever received? Two different friends recently reminded me that there are some parts of our children’s lives that are beyond control. Energy spent worrying about those things is wasted. We work on the things that are ours to work on, and the rest we pray about.


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