Melissa Anne Kreuser

Name: Melissa Anne Kreuser

Family details: Mel, a member at Bethlehem in Menomonee Falls, Wis., wears her heart on her sleeve as she passionately strives to discern the Lord’s anything-but-predictable blueprint for her life. While she originally planned to be camped out somewhere in the rain forest discovering new plant or animal life by this point, God had a different sort of adventure in mind. Instead, Mel now finds herself married to Mike, an Army veteran plumber, mother to two sets of identical twins (first girls, then boys three years later!), and a stay-at-home entrepreneur, running her own photography and design business, Mel Anne Designs. Mel also helps to manage Holy Hen House, a blog for “imperfect women spurred on by God’s perfect grace,” which includes writing, speaking, and leading Bible studies for Christian women. A broken sinner, Mel considers herself simply a vessel for the powerful message of Christ and has been continually amazed at how God has used her writings and presentations to encourage and inspire others. She feels greatly humbled and incredibly blessed by this opportunity and prays that God speaks to you through her words.


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