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Dad, you are totally awesome!

“Dad, you are totally awesome! By the way, where’s Mom?” “In the kitchen, bud.” “Mom, you look really pretty today. I like what you did with your hair.” It was nice to hear, even if my kid was totally insincere and he was only saying it because it was in the rules. Before you (correctly) […]

Changes in the way families communicate

I admit that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with technology and the changes it has brought about for our lives. I love connecting with old friends on Facebook. (Look how big their kids are getting!) I hate the jealousy that so easily flares in my sinful heart when I see someone’s fabulous […]

Parenting in the digital age

I’m glimpsing 50, so before digital, I first have to talk analog. When 21-year-old Phil and 23-year-old Anna were little, I was certain TV would fry their brains. Ask them, and they’ll gleefully tell you how I monitored their screen time with a little capitalist system I invented. I gave them quarters they could use […]

Hitting the reset button

Staying connected with one another and with Christ in this digital age is quite a challenge, not only with trying to get my two boys to put down the electronics for a few minutes but also admittedly for myself as well. Netflix is my downfall (next best thing since sliced bread), and it doesn’t take […]