Why is Forward in Christ magazine starting a parenting column?

Sometimes I just really need another parent’s perspective—and their support. How do you discipline a child who doesn’t believe in timeouts? How does your family handle screen time for little kids—or older ones? When should kids begin bringing an offering to church—and does it have to be their money or is it okay if parents give them the money to put in the offering plate?

That’s why I’m excited about the parenting column that debuted in the January 2015 issue of Forward in Christ. Titled Heart to heart: Parent conversations, the column is designed to have the feel of a conversation between parents. Each month one topic will be discussed by a diverse group of parents. The idea isn’t for these parents to give us the “right answer” to the topic. After all, how many parenting topics really have one right answer? Most parents will tell you that their days of knowing it all about parenting ended the day they became a parent. Instead, the column will explore multiple facets of the topic and give examples of how parents have handled this topic in the past—with both good and bad results.

More than anything, Heart to heart is meant to be an honest forum for Christian parents to build each other up and support each other. This site is an extension of that forum. So, each parent whose article is published in Forward in Christ will have his or her article published here as a blog post. Extra content will also be posted here.

We are hoping that you’ll join the conversation, too. We want to hear from you and learn how you’ve dealt with these topics within your family. Use the commenting feature at the end of each blog to chime in with your thoughts.

Parenting is the toughest job I’ve ever tackled. I’m looking forward to the insights that Heart to heart’s writers—and readers—will offer.

Nicole Balza
Staff editor of Heart to heart


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