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Book nook: Whatever is True: A Christian View of Anxiety

William Woodington writes from years of personal experience dealing with anxiety while he searched for answers in a myriad of self-help books. One of these books especially spoke to Woodington, and he appreciated and accepted the author’s theory. He noticed that the philosophy of this doctor had a connection to biblical teaching. Woodington applied Christian thought and action to these worldly principles in Whatever is True: A Christian View of Anxiety. As the author states in the preface, “What would I have gained if I learned to trust in me and not in him?”

whatever is true book coverAlmost half of the text in this short, 109-page paperback is taken directly from Scripture. Woodington uses God’s Word extensively to explain the reason for anxiety in this world; God’s use of anxiety as discipline; and the ways we can use God’s Word, prayer, and his providence as our treatment for this disease. Melding Scripture with the psychological ideologies gives the reader a guide to better understand and battle anxiety. Woodington does not share many personal details of his struggle and leaves readers with less practical techniques or exercises but a more generalized overview of anxiety.

Whatever is True is a welcome addition to a Christian’s library for the comfort given simply in the fact that it is written by someone who has been in the trenches of mental illness and can relate to the despair and anguish associated with anxiety. While repetitive at times, this easy-to-read book will benefit those dealing with fears from purchasing a new home, fighting cancer, or wrestling with the persistent unwelcome thoughts of a mind diagnosed with mental illness.

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Author: Jennifer Heins
Volume 108, Number 1
Issue: February 2021

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