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This month’s cover wording highlights a fact that is true for all of us: We have been changed through the Word. That’s where God comes to us with his saving gospel message, which the Holy Spirit uses to change our hearts and lives.

February’s “Confessions of faith” displays the Word’s power, showcasing how its gospel truth set a Mormon free from the constraints of the law.

Daily digging into the Word brings blessings into every Christian’s life. In “Free in Christ,” two laypeople share how they conduct their personal Bible study and what that has meant for them. 

Want to make Bible reading a family affair? Anna Geiger provides Bible story book suggestions for children of all ages.

One message you will find throughout your study of the Bible is that God loves sinners . . . God loves you. Executive Editor James Pope reminds us of that love in his closing message, “He loves me, he loves me not.”

- Julie Wietzke, managing editor

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