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New resource for teens

Offer teens an opportunity to read articles written by teens and for teens on topics that matter to them. Direct them to Forward in Christ's new online teen page where they can find articles such as:
Encourage teens to submit their own stories as well or to check out other articles on topics that are important for all Christians:
Share this new resource with the teens in your life—and check it out for yourself, too.

Have you read these articles from the June issue?

Confessions of faith: Yaz Rodriguez

silhouette of man on pier looking out in to water at sunset
I held those pills in the palm of my hands, too many to count. When I couldn’t swallow them, I pressed a red-handled screwdriver against my chest, but I couldn’t take the pain. It took an hour before my stepmom found me drowning in my tears. But no . . .

My Christian life: The unique path of embryo adoption

Leah Bongard will share with anyone the story of how her son, Isaac, entered the world. It is an uncommon journey marked by infertility. But, as Leah describes it, her journey actually began with a baby. Leah and her husband, Matt, were married . . .

150 years of fellowship

Lutheran seal
The year was 1872. Lutherans had been in America since before the revolution. At that time, Lutheranism in America could be described as a confusing and jumbled array of dozens of independent state synods and three associations of synods. The division and . . .

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