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Sneak-peek from the July issue

In the July "Parent conversations" column, Sarah Reik and Ann Ponath tackle the topic: "How do we discuss death with our children?" Here's the beginning of Sarah's article:

As I sat in church earlier this year listening to the pastor talk about the peace and joy my grandma was experiencing in heaven, I was feeling those emotions too. She lived one hundred years on this earth, after all, and she was ready to be done here and start the next life. I found myself almost smiling as I pictured her reuniting with family and friends who had gone before her. Then my nine-year-old daughter started crying—and I lost it. I went from smiling to sobbing in seconds, moved powerfully by the grief of a child.

How can we help in those moments when a child we love has been affected by death? Here are a few suggestions I have found helpful as a parent navigating the experience of loss.
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Q&A: Is Christianity the only religion that gives the certainty of heaven?
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WELS news briefs: June 2022

In March, 18 men graduated from the Lutheran seminary in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India, the worker-training ministry of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Ministries, WELS’ sister church in India. These men, all of whom already are serving congregations, studied God’s Word and trained for ministry work . . .
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