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Yaz Rodriguez

The unique path of embryo adoption

Leah Bongard (pictured above with her husband and two children) will share with anyone the story of how her son, Isaac, entered the world. It is an uncommon journey marked by infertility.

But, as Leah describes it, her journey actually began with a baby.
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Listen to Leah's story

Want to hear more from Leah Bongard about her family's experience with embryo adoption? Listen to this podcast from Christian Life Resources.

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Powered by the Holy Spirit

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Last summer, my five-year-old learned to ride a two-wheeled bike on his own. He was proficient with training wheels. He had all the right safety equipment. He just needed to get on his bike and do it. So, that’s what we did. I ran with him. I held the seat. We . . .

Moments with missionaries: Joel Nitz

Moments with missionaries: Joel Nitz
Despite COVID-19 restrictions and obstacles, our mission to the Hmong people in Vietnam moves forward. We are in our second year of online instruction for our Hmong students. Recently I taught a course on the book of Psalms to our 57 students. My partner . . .

Please explain: Where do we get the idea of the Trinity when that word isn’t mentioned in the Bible?

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Have you ever had this conversation at your door? Your visitor asks, “Did you know that the words triune and trinity are not in the Bible?” You respond, “Of course, they’re in the Bible. Let me show you.” You fire up your favorite Bible app and search for trinity. The search . . .
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