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Yaz Rodriguez

Confessions of faith: Yaz Rodriguez

From the June issue: A college student shares her journey to the cross.

I held those pills in the palm of my hands, too many to count. When I couldn’t swallow them, I pressed a red-handled screwdriver against my chest, but I couldn’t take the pain. It took an hour before my stepmom found me drowning in my tears. But no soothing words could give me the strength to speak.

“Let’s go for a drive,” she eventually said. So we did.

She drove through streets that were unfamiliar to me. We drove alongside a red-brick wall that housed similar buildings. Lit candles filled the windowsills, drawing my eyes through the snow-covered trees that lined the sidewalk. It captured my attention and touched my heart.

I asked, “Wh-what is this place?”

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Two women sitting on bench talking
Have you ever had this conversation at your door? Your visitor asks, "Did you know that the words triune and trinity are not in the Bible?" You respond, "Of course, they're in the Bible. Let me show you." You fire up your favorite Bible app and search for trinity. . . .

150 years of fellowship

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The year was 1872. Lutherans had been in America since before the revolution. At that time, Lutheranism in America could be described as a confusing and jumbled array of dozens of independent state synods and three associations of synods. The division and . . .

Stepping into special education

special education woman and student
“St. Marcus integrated Mason from day one,” says Brenda Jashinsky, Mason’s mom. “They embraced him with love immediately.” After Mason was diagnosed with autism as a toddler, Brenda struggled to find the right learning environment for him. Then she . . .
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