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Abby and Jack Cotter and family

Confessions of faith: Jack Cotter

“If anyone’s out there and listening, I need help.”

So went the prayer of 14-year-old Jack Cotter. He had been bullied by his classmates since age 10, and they would continue their torment until he was 17. “Kids thought I was odd,” he says. “I tried to protect myself by being a clown. That made it worse. They called me ‘worthless’ and told me to go kill myself.”

In middle school, Jack got his first cell phone. He used it secretly to read the Bible, a book his family didn’t own. Lonely and sad, Jack was desperate to find someone to talk to, and so he prayed, “If anyone’s out there and listening, I need help.”

This is the story of how that prayer was answered.

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Meet the editorial staff: Stephen Helwig

Meet editorial Stephen Helwig
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