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Teens at youth rally clapping

October sneak-peek

WELS President Mark Schroeder's October column, titled "Hope for the future," is based on reflections from his time at the WELS International Youth Rally.

I grew up in the 1960s. Anyone who lived through those years will remember that those were turbulent, violent, and unsettling times, when events seemed to threaten the very foundation of our nation. In fourth grade, we learned what the word assassination meant when John F. Kennedy was struck down. The assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy followed within five years.

Those were also the years when the war in Vietnam was raging. I remember the evening news daily reporting the growing number of Americans killed in action. In reaction to that war, violent demonstrations broke out on college campuses across the nation. At Kent State University in Ohio, National Guard troops killed four protesting students.

The tumult was not limited to politics. The younger generation seemed intent on rejecting everything their parents and grandparents had believed in. Time-honored institutions and values were ridiculed. Woodstock became the symbol of a culture that had turned away from everything the previous generations had valued and respected.

At the time, I don’t think we realized just how close our country came to being torn apart. But somehow, by God’s grace, our nation survived those years and enjoyed relative peace and prosperity in the decades that followed.

When I was at our synod’s youth rally last summer, I looked out on two thousand WELS teens and recalled those years of the 1960s and my own teenage years.
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