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Clark Woods Confessions of Faith Sept 22

"The weight was getting too heavy to bear"

It was Sunday, Aug. 16, 2020, when Clark Woods went to Mann Park in Folsom, California, to shoot some hoops.

Basketball had always been a big part of Clark’s life. It was his incredible basketball ability that prompted a move from his hometown in Michigan to play for the Hornets at California State University, Sacramento. After an injury forced him to reconsider playing professionally overseas, Clark took to coaching. Thousands of youth have benefited from his basketball programs, and a select few play under him as the varsity basketball coach at Ponderosa High School.

Behind all the accolades, though, was a man struggling with loss. Four years earlier his favorite basketball coach had died. Two months after that his father died tragically due to complications in what should have been a routine surgery. Four years of mental and emotional struggles were mounting, and the weight was getting too heavy to bear.

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