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September sneak-peek:

How can we teach kids to be good friends?

Two veteran teachers answer the question, "How can we teach kids to be good friends?" in Forward in Christ's "Parent conversations" column in September. Here's an excerpt from Amanda Berg's article:

“You have a friend in me.” “I’ll be there for you.” “Friends forever.” “Besties.” These quotes about friendship are familiar to many. They quickly make a connection in our brains to a story, people, characters, maybe even a memory. Most adults could quickly rattle off a list of things that define friendship for them. We know what it takes to be a good friend, and we also know that, like every relationship, maintaining those friendships takes effort. Good friends learn from each other, help each other, share, compliment each other, and the list goes on.

So how do we help young children learn to be good friends? As with many concepts and skills, teaching friendship is not a one-and-done lesson. It is ongoing. It is an integral part of a young child’s social-emotional development, and it continues to grow and develop as our children do.
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Looking for more articles on parenting? Have a question about a parenting topic? Visit forwardinchrist.net/parents. Search the archive for articles on topics that interest you or check out the videos and podcasts. A new video was just loaded to help parents discuss death with their children. Here are a few of the articles that you'll find:

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I reached up to the top bookshelf and pulled down volume 11 of The History of Civilization, authored by Will and Ariel Durant. The Durants have a knack for making history come alive, so I have read their comprehensive set of histories many times. But I haven’t read it lately, because I need to blow the dust off . . .

What does this mean for me? Article 2

Man walking with bible and question marks
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The future is now

teens with gifts for hospital
Noah Lukasek, a member at St. John, Maribel, Wis., had a Christmas wish, and he made it come true. “I thought how often I take my health for granted,” explains Noah, “and thought of the kids who couldn't be at home with their families at Christmas. I wanted . . .

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