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Frankie and Travis

Confessions of faith: Travis and Frankie

An article by Sarah Habben featured in the August issue.

This is a story full of hurt, yes—but it’s really a story about hope. Hope that realizes the old ghosts of shame, fear, anger, and guilt can’t steal the hearts that God holds in his great big hands.

This is the story of Travis, Frankie, and a church named Hope. And hope is what connects them.

A rough start
Travis was born in 1970 in southern California. He was raised by his mother, who was a hippie and a drifter. “She instilled in me the idea of God and prayer, but we really did not lead a godly lifestyle. My mom was involved with Hell’s Angels, and she struggled with drugs and alcohol.”

When Travis was a young boy, his mom ran up a drug debt with the biker gang. Travis was kidnapped and held for ransom. “They kept me in a room for weeks, maybe longer, until the debt got paid. They didn’t hurt me. They played the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang over and over.”


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