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The future is now

Read about how four young people are making a big difference—right now—as they live out their faith in their daily lives.

Ella Schaefer and Eliza Shiels
It all began with a club formed by two third-grade students at Christ the Lord, Brookfield, Wis. Ella Schaefer and Eliza Shiels, now in seventh grade, created their club, Bookworms Baking, to read and discuss books, write letters to shut-ins, and bake for people who are having a hard time or need help. Their theme passage is Matthew 25:35, “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.”

Each spring the girls also host a bake sale and lemonade stand during a neighborhood rummage sale and donate the proceeds to a local charity. This May they donated the money collected to New Beginnings—A Home for Mothers, a WELS-affiliated ministry that provides housing, parenting resources, and a caring Christian environment for mothers as they raise their children.

“Sometimes kids think that they can’t share their faith like God tells them to because they’re just kids,” says Ella. “But we shouldn’t let anyone look down on us because we’re young. Bookworms Baking is my way of showing my light and sharing my faith with the world.”

WELS Youth Night

WELS Youth Night logo
Teens and youth leaders at the WELS International Youth Rally got their first look at a new program for teen ministry—WELS Youth Night. “God created us to be in community with each other. We belong to him. We belong together. That is the idea of WELS Youth Night—to bring teens and youth leaders from area churches . . . together,” says Donn Dobberstein, director of WELS Discipleship.

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man carrying old books
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Q&A: How can my mother and I forgive my father for being unfaithful and causing my parents to divorce?
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