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Faith provides firm foundation after cancer diagnosis

Randy Wiessinger has witnessed a lot of difficult situations throughout his life. For 30 years, Randy served as a devoted member of law enforcement, as did his wife, Lorie.

Randy’s career was full of highs and lows, as he experienced several critical incidents and served as a volunteer member of the honor guard. As a member of the statewide law enforcement death response team, he helped dozens of families plan funerals for officers who had died in the line of duty or off duty.

Through it all, Randy kept Christ as his focal point. “Faith was the foundation of what carried me through in all things law enforcement,” Randy says. “Lorie and I both attribute our ability to walk through those 30 years to relying on our faith in good times and bad.”

But then at the age of 48, Randy was diagnosed with cancer.

What does this mean for me?

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Randy's story may sound familiar. Pastor Greg Lyon introduced us to Randy in the first article of his new Bible study series, "What does this mean for me?" Haven't had a chance to read it yet?
Nicole Balza interviewing Greg Lyon

New video available

Want to learn more about Pastor Greg Lyon's series, "What does this mean for me?" Hear straight from Lyon about how and why he decided on this topic—and how it applies to you and your faith life.

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