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Getting to know the new district presidents with pics of Pastors Daniel Leyrer and Michael Seifertl

August issue sneak-peek

In June, the Southeastern Wisconsin District elected Daniel Leyrer (pictured above left), pastor at St. Marcus, Milwaukee, Wis., to be its new president, and the North Atlantic District elected Michael Seifert (pictured above right), pastor at Living Hope, Midlothian, Va., as its new president. Learn more about them in this August news article from Forward in Christ.

Daniel Leyrer, Southeastern Wisconsin District president
What was your upbringing like?
I grew up in Milwaukee as the youngest of seven children and was blessed to have the finest set of Christian parents a child could ever ask for. My mother reflected the love of Jesus every day, was quick to share the gospel with me, and modeled God’s compassion throughout my childhood. My father served as a pastor for 44 years. I don’t know if he ever said, “Dan, you should be a pastor.” But that’s all I ever wanted to be, because I could see from little on that my dad helped people with God’s Word. . . .

Michael Seifert, North Atlantic District president
Did retiring District President Donald Tollefson give you any brotherly advice after you were elected?
“Don’t think of yourself as the district president as much as the district pastor.” I pray that God will help me translate those words into practice. I pray that God’s people at Living Hope and across the district will regard me foremost as a pastor who always has time for them and will faithfully encourage, counsel, and admonish them with the powerful Word of God. . . .

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