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Choir of six Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary students singing and Prof. Aaron Christie playing organ

Behind the scenes: "The Seven Words"

Have you been following along with the video and article series based on the Christian Worship hymn, "The Seven Words"? Forward in Christ and WELS Commission on Worship teamed up to share this hymn with WELS members this Lenten season.

Did you know . . .

  • the videographer hired to create the videos, Brian Urbanek, is a member at Our Savior, Grafton, Wis.? Urbanek notes, "I was so excited about this project from the start because I love the idea of blending all of these different types of art together—worship music, hymnody, poetry, illustration, animation, filmmaking, etc. What an incredibly neat way to praise our God who gave us all of these art forms as gifts."
  • the male choir featured in videos four and seven (pictured above) is composed of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary students accompanied on organ by Prof. Aaron Christie?
  • the writer of the hymn, Pastor Michael Schultz, played the guitar in videos two and five (pictured below with WELS members Anna Hafenstein on violin and Jeremy Bakken on bass)?
  • there is a video available that puts all seven verses together and plays the hymn seamlessly from verse to verse? Check it out by clicking the button below. Or watch all the individual videos at forwardinchrist.net/videos.
Michael Schultz playing guitar; Anne Hafenstein playing guitar; and Jeremy Bakken playing bass

A daily Bible reading plan

Follow along with these daily readings in God’s Word. This year-long study, which began on March 2, covers nearly all of the New Testament and about one-third of the Old Testament. Follow the schedule listed or adapt it to fit your needs.
open bible in the outdoors with green background

One last look at Lenten articles from the March issue:

It is finished.

Jesus on cross with stormy background
One sentence can permanently change your life. “Your mother and I are getting a divorce.” “I’m pregnant.” “You passed your driver’s test.” If it is true that one sentence can change your life, then can one word do the same? Jesus thinks so, especially if that word is . . .

Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.

Jesus on cross
Trust might be one of the more serious casualties of the pandemic. Faith in other people is hard enough when we are together in person. Recent studies have shown a significant drop in employee confidence for their supervisors and peers after just a . . .

Featured in the April issue:

Please explain: What’s the big deal about Easter?

Two women talking and walking
Easter is a big deal. Children develop special memories of Easter baskets and colored eggs and take those memories right into adulthood. People of faith gather for worship and fellowship in numbers that surpass any other Sunday. Even among people who may not . . .
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