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Lusayo Mwakatika

Lusayo Mwakatika

In the April issue, Forward in Christ introduces you to a young man named Lusayo Mwakatika.

Lusayo grew up in Malawi, Africa, and was born into the Lutheran faith. He found most of his childhood friends within his own congregation and participated in Bible studies, choir, and youth ministries. “I always associate church with wonderful and fun memories,” Lusayo shares.

When he was ten years old, Lusayo and his family moved from a rural area of Malawi into the city of Lilongwe, where his dad began his job as a professor at the Lutheran Bible Institute. That’s a WELS training program which prepares students for their seminary studies. Lusayo saw firsthand how passionate his father is about his work: “He loves meeting new students. It has been very rewarding for him."

As Lusayo decided what path to take for his life and career, he applied to colleges in the United States. Lusayo sent applications to about 15 different universities and eventually narrowed it down to just a few options.

In the end, he chose to attend University of Wisconsin–Madison because he heard his dad speak about the WELS chapel on the college’s campus and Lusayo knew he wanted to be part of a Christian community.

Sneak-peek: The Sixth Word

The Sixth Word
This Lent, Forward in Christ has teamed up with WELS Commission on Worship to offer short weekly videos based on each verse of "The Seven Words," hymn 436 in Christian Worship: Hymnal. One video is released each week. Each hymn verse also has a corresponding article in the March issue of Forward in Christ. Catch a sneak-peek of the sixth video. Or watch all six videos at forwardinchrist.net/videos.

A daily Bible reading plan

Follow along with these daily readings in God’s Word. This year-long study, which began on March 2, covers nearly all of the New Testament and about one-third of the Old Testament. Follow the schedule listed or adapt it to fit your needs.
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