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Are you worried?

The topic of the March "Parent conversations" column is worry. You don't need to be a parent to worry, though. Take a look at some thoughts about worry that authors Jenni Schubring and Pastor James Aderman share and see how their insights might help you battle worry.

Sneak-peek: The Third Word

The Third Word
This Lent, Forward in Christ has teamed up with WELS Commission on Worship to offer short weekly videos based on each verse of "The Seven Words," hymn 436 in Christian Worship: Hymnal. The videos are released on social media each Wednesday in Lent. Each hymn verse also has a corresponding article in the March issue of Forward in Christ. Catch a sneak-peek of the third video. Or watch all three videos at forwardinchrist.net/videos.
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Follow along with these daily readings in God’s Word. This year-long study, which began on March 2, will cover nearly all of the New Testament and about one-third of the Old Testament. It's not too late to dive into this Bible reading plan today.

Explore these articles from the March issue:

Woman, here is your son.

Mary looking concerned
If one were to ask, “What did Jesus do to save us?” most Christians would answer, “He died on the cross to take away our sins.” And that would be correct. But Jesus had to do more to win our salvation. He also had to live a holy life for us by obeying all the . . .

Q&A: Can you explain Jesus’ words to the wailing women he met on his way to be crucified?

Jesus carrying the cross with soldiers whipping him
Jesus had just handed the crossbeam to Simon of Cyrene who would carry it the rest of the way to the site of crucifixion. Noticing the women who were wailing along the route, he said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your . . .

King David and our future King: Article 3

King crown and crown of thorns
It was a meteoric rise. David had been a lowly shepherd boy, tending his father’s sheep and not even considered worth inviting to an important lunch. But then everything changed. Young David was called from the sheep and then anointed future king by the . . .
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