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Lawrence and Caroline McCatty

"A big ask"

When Caroline and Lawrence McCatty (pictured) relocated from England to the United States in 2010, Caroline prayed—but not only for a smooth transition to a new country. “I prayed to God before we left that we would find a really good church,” she says. . . . “I was praying for it but thinking, This is such a big ask. Now I can’t even express how overjoyed I am. I’m gobsmacked! God answered that prayer.”
Digital display graphic promoting FIC's March theme, "The Seven Words."

Sneak-peek: The Second Word

Seven Words worship art by Corissa Nelson. Three crosses with beam of light from heaven on one of the criminals.
This Lent, Forward in Christ has teamed up with WELS Commission on Worship to offer short weekly videos based on each verse of "The Seven Words," hymn 436 in Christian Worship: Hymnal. The videos are released on social media each Wednesday in Lent. Each hymn verse also has a corresponding article in the March issue of Forward in Christ. Catch a sneak-peek of the second video. Or watch both videos at forwardinchrist.net/videos.
open bible in the outdoors with green background
Follow along with these daily readings in God’s Word. This year-long study, which began on March 2, will cover nearly all of the New Testament and about one-third of the Old Testament. It's not too late to dive into this Bible reading plan today.

Explore these articles from the March issue:

Today you will be with me in paradise.

Cross with sun rise behind it
The condemned criminal hanging on a cross outside the walls of Jerusalem knew that he was guilty. He had committed the crimes for which Rome had condemned him. He deserved the sentence of crucifixion that he was now suffering. He also knew that the . . .

My Christian life: Pen pal shares faith with prisoners

Barbara Welch header MCL
Growing up, perhaps you had a pen pal—a friend from summer camp or a cousin who lived across the country. But have you ever considered corresponding with a prisoner? WELS Prison Ministry gives you an opportunity to experience unique blessings . . .

Lenten repentance, Lenten appreciation

stained glass looking art with 3 crosses
Taking things for granted happens all too easily. The worst part about taking things for granted is that we fail to appreciate and remember the routine and ordinary blessings that are ours every day. But what about the extraordinary, amazing blessings of God? . . .

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