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Hymn focuses on Jesus’ words from the cross

As part of its Lenten issue, Forward in Christ is featuring a new original Lenten hymn from Christian Worship: Hymnal. This hymn, called “The Seven Words,” highlights each of the statements Jesus spoke from the cross.

Written by Michael Schultz (pictured above, left), director of the WELS Hymnal Project, the hymn offers an opportunity to meditate on Jesus’ final words before his death. “It’s just based on what Jesus said, so it’s pretty powerful,” says Schultz.

"The Seven Words"

Square graphic promoting FIC's March theme, "The Seven Words."
This Lent, Forward in Christ has teamed up with WELS Commission on Worship to offer short weekly videos based on each verse of "The Seven Words," hymn 436 in Christian Worship: Hymnal. In the videos, WELS musicians offer different musical arrangements for each verse, which are complemented by illustrations drawn by WELS artist Corissa Nelson. The videos will be released on social media each Wednesday in Lent, starting on Ash Wednesday, March 2. They also will be available online at forwardinchrist.net/videos. Each hymn verse also has a corresponding article in the March issue of Forward in Christ.
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Follow along with these daily readings in God’s Word. This year-long study, which begins tomorrow (March 2), will cover nearly all of the New Testament and about one-third of the Old Testament.

Explore these articles from the March issue:

Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

hammer hitting spike on cross
You can learn volumes about a man by watching him die. Time is more precious than ever. It’s no occasion for small talk; only the most important words are worth his dying breaths. What are his priorities in these final hours? What wisdom needs to be shared . . .

Parent conversations: How do parents not let worry get the best of them?

Worried male with hand on face
Worry can be an overwhelming topic. I believe everyone struggles with it. I don’t know what the actual statistics are, but I am quite certain once you become a parent, worry increases by a lot. . . .

Q&A: Can you explain Jesus’ words to the wailing women he met on his way to be crucified?

Jesus carrying the cross with soldiers whipping him
Jesus had just handed the crossbeam to Simon of Cyrene who would carry it the rest of the way to the site of crucifixion. Noticing the women who were wailing along the route, he said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your . . .

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