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11 volunteers with boxes of food at a food pantry

Mission team collects 1,200 pounds of food

Eighty-four students from Lakeside Lutheran High School, Lake Mills, Wis., participated on a mission team during the last school year as part of Lakeside’s Operation Go program. Seven teens served on Team Temple and helped Trinity, Temple, Texas, and WELS’ new mission in Waco, Texas, collect 1,200 pounds of food for a local food pantry.

As Benjamin Ehlers, pastor at Trinity, explains, “The team helped collect food during a door-to-door food drive and also conducted surveys at each door so that our new pastor and the core group could better understand and minister to the community.”

“The follow-up calls that I have made since the teens left have been productive!” notes new seminary graduate Andrew Westra, who was assigned to serve as pastor at the mission in Waco. “At least two families are very interested in the mission and taking a Bible information class. There are a number of other prospects who are unchurched and showed some interest in learning more about who we are as a church.”

To learn more about how Lakeside’s teens are helping WELS congregations, read the full article.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month

In October, Forward in Christ is featuring photos of pastors submitted by you in its "This is WELS" column. Andy Zastrow submitted these photos of his pastor, Mark Gass, who serves at Redeemer, Tomahawk, Wis. The photos show Pastor Gass conducting a morning prayer service during a construction project, leading outdoor worship, captaining the boat for Men's Club, and helping shovel concrete for Redeemer's early childhood learning center.

Zastrow writes: "In addition to being an amazing preacher and teacher, Pastor Gass has always been involved in the many building projects of our congregation, whether it be a devotion with the workers or all of the actual physical labor involved with the construction. Additionally, he has always been instrumental in initiating opportunities for our church family to spend time together and interact with each other."
Mark Gass leading prayer service with construction workers
Mark Gass leading worship outdoors in a trailer
Mark Gass driving a boat for Men's Club
Mark Gass leading worship outdoors in a trailer
Do you have a photo and message that you'd like to share with a pastor? Submit them to FIC. We'll be sharing these special messages throughout the month of October in our e-news and on social media. To see more of the photos featured in "This is WELS," visit our Community page.

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The print edition of the October issue is delayed due to paper industry shortages, but Northwestern Publishing House has made the October digital issue available to everyone and all articles are also posted on forwardinchrist.net. Good news, though! The print issues were mailed last week and should arrive soon.

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