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Voss family circa 1960s

Another triumphant saint

It’s a phone call that occurs thousands of times every day. But if you’re on the receiving end of it, most often you’re not expecting it.

Mine came from my younger brother early on a Sunday afternoon last February. I don’t recall his words exactly. He informed me that the Lord had suddenly called our father home to heaven. One minute he was here on earth, and the next minute he was in heaven.

Continue reading "Another triumphant saint" by Joel Voss from the November issue. Pictured are photos of the Voss family through the years, including Joel's father, Carl; his mother, Margaret; and his brothers David, Jonathan, and Mark.
Margaret and Carl Voss on their wedding day
Voss family at celebration dinner
Joel Voss, dad and brothers
Voss family circa 1970s

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