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Carlotta Stanley and her family

Carlotta Stanley's story

In September 2015, Forward in Christ published Carlotta Stanley's story as told by her daughter, Marietta Chapman. Carlotta was born and raised on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Bylas, Ariz. Her life was shaped by WELS missionaries and teachers who brought God's Word to Apacheland. As Carlotta noted, "If WELS never brought God's Word to Apacheland, I would be a lost soul."

On May 10, 2021, Carlotta was involved in a three-vehicle car accident that took her home to heaven. Her story from Forward in Christ was read at her funeral because as Marietta said, her mom was so proud of the article and displayed it in her room. Read Carlotta's full story, "God's saving grace in Apacheland."
Carlotta and Wilfred Stanley
Photos: (Top) Carlotta and Wilfred Stanley with their children and grandchildren near Mount Turnbull in Bylas, Ariz. The other photos of Carlotta and Wilfred were featured on their 2020 Christmas card.

FIC's Bible-reading plan

Trace God's story of grace in this Bible-reading plan for 2021. Participate online and you'll have access to the full Bible passages for each week. Start at any time. All the previous readings are listed at forwardinchrist.net/bible-readings-2021.

Note: Each month includes four weeks of readings. This means that there will be 48 weeks of readings in 2021 with the final four weeks of readings in January 2022. This allows readers to not fall behind if they miss a reading or two because catch-up days are built into each month. If you finish the readings for the month early, you can use Forward in Christ's devotions for a quick daily reading, re-read a favorite portion of Scripture, or spend time meditating on a more challenging portion of Scripture from that month's readings.
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