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Stanley Loas, video recording

Wise words from a young man

In the September issue, we highlighted three young people who are serving their churches, their communities, and most of all, their God. Hear more from Stanley Loas (pictured above), one of those featured, who is a member at Our Savior, Bylas, Ariz.

FIC: How do you deal with peer pressure from your friends?
Stanley: It can be a challenge to serve in front of friends, but when you have good friends, first you respect them and then they will also respect you. They’ll respect what you do at your church. My friends, some of them are Apache Traditional Religion, and they know I don’t believe that, but I’m respectful of them and so they respect me when they see me on Facebook livestream doing the Scripture readings for church. I don’t criticize them and yet I do inform them about God. I don’t have to do more than that. I just have to put his message out there for them to hear. I think all of us teens and young adults have to remember, there is a lot of peer pressure out there, but don’t worry if you get asked to serve in church. You need to just do it. You are doing it for the Lord. He is always on your side, he’s got your back, so do his work and help him get his Word out there when the opportunity presents itself.

Read "Youth in service" to hear more of Stanley's story as well as that of Kayla Sprenger and Lydia Buxa (both shown below).
Kayla Sprenger with class
Lydia Buxa and Henry
Captions: 1) Kayla Sprenger teaching Sunday school at St. Paul, Howard's Grove, Wis. 2) Lydia Buxa with Henry Rathmann, a boy with a rare and painful disorder whom Lydia has raised funds to help support.

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