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Carl Pagel as college student in library, 1960

Experienced pastors share their wisdom

Retired pastor Carl Pagel (pictured above in Northwestern College's library in 1960) and his sister, Janet Klann, compiled letters from experienced pastors to share with the 2021 graduates of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Some of their advice was shared in the news article that was printed in Forward in Christ in August titled "Letters reflect wisdom and encouragement." Here are some other thoughts that can easily be applied to any life, not just that of a pastor.
  • "By working smarter, not longer and harder myself, I had more time for my family. That is a valuable lesson to teach to the husbands and fathers in your congregation. Family time—quality and quantity—is important." - Richard Starr
  • "One of the lessons I've learned is that it is oftentimes foolish to try to do something by yourself when the Lord has provided many helpers to assist you in carrying out his plans." - Carl Pagel
  • "I attended a workshop which taught me an important lesson: 'Listen before you speak.' It took deliberate practice on my part to listen, pause, think, and then speak to the point at issue. . . . Our school system is well designed to teach us God's Word; we know and believe what Jesus has done for our eternal salvation, and we are trained and inspired to share that good news. But it takes careful listening to discover the entry point into someone's brain and heart before we have the right words to say." - Myrl Wagenknecht

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Trace God's story of grace in this Bible-reading plan for 2021. Participate online and you'll have access to the full Bible passages for each week. Start at any time. All the previous readings are listed at forwardinchrist.net/bible-readings-2021.
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