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Outdoor Christmas Eve service at Carbon Valley Lutheran

Good bones

Home Missionary Timothy Spiegelberg shares the excitement of finding a location for Carbon Valley Lutheran, Firestone, Colo., to worship that has "good bones." Shown above is a photo from the congregation's Christmas Eve service.

I don’t know about you, but one of the most dangerous things I did during this pandemic was to turn on Home and Garden Television (HGTV). I know, I live on the edge, but hear me out. HGTV is dangerous because it gave me ideas, and ideas led to trips to Harbor Freight, and trips to Harbor Freight led to purchasing 28-foot scaffolding, and scaffolding may have led to teenagers performing front-flips onto giant bean bags. See? Dangerous!

In spite of the dangers involved in watching home improvement shows . . . I still do it. I try to quit, but there is an allure to seeing a project take shape. In all the shows, I love the phrase, “This place has good bones.” Good bones means that you have something solid to work with. It means you know it is going to be incredible in the end.

About two years ago, the members of Carbon Valley Lutheran in Firestone, Colo., started our own rehabilitation ride. After years of searching, we found some “good bones” at a former plant nursery—an all-steel structure, 3.5 acres, commercial zoning, sewer, water, parking lot, streetlights, landscaping, and water tap all were there. We could work with this.
men working on construction
The “bones” at Carbon Valley Lutheran, Firestone, Colo.

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