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February sneak peek: Give to Caesar and to God

If you're sick of politics, you're not alone. Yet each Christian does have a role to play. Prof. Samuel Degner examines what that role is in his February 2021 Forward in Christ article, "Give to Caesar and to God." Here's an excerpt.

Jesus did not live under a democratic system like ours. If he had, it would be easy to imagine someone asking him during an election season, “Teacher, whom do you support?” How might he have responded? Speculating is dangerous. Perhaps he would have responded as he did to many other questioners—not with the kind of answer they wanted but with the one they needed.

Two such instances from Jesus’ ministry can give us what we need to hear today.

God's story of salvation: FIC's 2021 Bible-reading plan

Trace God's story of grace in this new Bible-reading plan. You won't be reading every verse or chapter, but you'll grow in faith as you read chronologically through sections of the Bible and see God's grace in each account. Participate online and you'll have access to the full Bible passages for each week. Worried that you missed the first two weeks? No problem! You can catch up quickly.

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