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Otto Pfeifer painting church mural
April issue sneak peek: A man of truth
In the April issue of Forward in Christ, the "My Christian life" column features Otto Pfeiffer, a
90-year-old member at Hope, Andover, Minn. Here's an excerpt from the story:

When Otto was old enough to take the oath of enlistment, he joined the National Guard. His unit was called up for action in the Korean conflict. The unit trained at Ft. Rucker in Alabama. While on a weekend pass—in a scene that could only be scripted for the movies—Otto and another soldier came to the rescue of a young lady being accosted. Otto followed through by walking the young lady to her home 5 miles in the country. What he found was appalling. Dorothy’s family was extremely poor. Their house was in ill-repair. Their roof leaked. So, on weekends Otto spent his passes, his money, and his time fixing and repairing. But Otto was driven to do something more, something big, to help this girl and her family. He proposed. She accepted. This was not done on the spur of the moment because he was going off to war. Otto had carefully and prayerfully thought the matter through. He envisioned coming home in a flag-draped coffin, and he wanted Dorothy to receive the government death benefit. So, they were married before a justice of the peace for a fee of $2.

Otto put it this way, “I figured I’d have the best in heaven, and she could have it a little better on earth.” Truth is compassionate.
Otto Pfeiffer military photo
Otto Pfeiffer when elderly
Captions: Featured image shows Otto Pfeiffer painting a mural at Cross of Christ, Coon Rapids, Minn. Also shown are photos of Otto from when he served in the National Guard during the Korean War and from today.
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