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Jesus with crown of thorns

March issue sneak peek: Moments of decision

Stephen Geiger

A moment of decision. As Jesus’ disciples argued about who was the greatest, would the Savior of the world reach his limit and say to these men, “You can’t get along with each other? You have no right to follow me”?

A moment of decision. As Jesus prayed on the Mount of Olives and disciples fell asleep, would that be the last straw—“That’s it. I’m finished with you”?

A moment of decision. As Jesus was led through the compound of the high priest, he saw Peter, who had just denied him three times. Did Jesus shout, “You don’t want to know me? I don’t want to know you”? . . .

On so many occasions the Lord of creation and Savior of humanity interacted with humans who did not comprehend the place of Jesus in the universe. . . .

These are the moments we hear about as we participate in the observance of Lent. This is the drama of the passion readings. These are the last 24 hours of Jesus before his death. At each occasion, we note that Jesus made a decision to continue, to endure the suffering and crucifixion. . . .

Jesus' Passion: 40 days of Bible readings

Walk with your Savior this Lent as Stephen Geiger reads through the accounts of Jesus’ Passion and offers thoughts about the text. These short presentations will be available as video or podcast recordings, beginning on Ash Wednesday and continuing through the 40 days of Lent. A special reading of the Easter story will conclude the series.

Click the button below and watch the first day's reading. Podcast recordings are also available.

FIC's 2021 Bible-reading plan

Trace God's story of grace in this new Bible-reading plan. You won't be reading every verse or chapter, but you'll read chronologically through sections of the Bible and see God's grace in each account. Participate online and you'll have access to the full Bible passages for each week. Start at any time. All the previous readings are listed at forwardinchrist.net/bible-readings-2021.
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