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Hymns for Life

For many Christians, hymns are woven into the fabric of our faith lives. “Jesus Loves Me” may be the first song we learn as a toddler; “Amazing Grace” may be the last song that passes our lips before Jesus carries us home. Hymns have the power to convict and comfort, to instruct and inspire.

In 2012, the WELS Commission on Worship discussed the importance of preserving our rich hymn heritage—ensuring that the next generation of believers doesn’t lose this priceless spiritual treasure. In response, the Hymns for Life Committee was established to craft a three-year hymnology curriculum for WELS teachers to use in their primary, middle, and upper grade classrooms. Content from the curriculum can also be incorporated into Sunday school programs.
Hymns for Life, instruments cropped
Hymns for Life, closeup
Photos: Teacher Kevin Bode uses the Hymns for Life curriculum in his classes at Emmanuel, Tempe, Ariz.
Hymns for Life curriculum

Listen in

Want to learn more about the Hymns for Life curriculum? Listen in to this discussion between Jeremy Bakken, Northwestern Publishing House's music editor, and Kevin Bode, the chairman of the curriculum development committee of Hymns for Life.

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