Connor Haag, ALHSO

Faith changes perspective

Connor Haag (pictured) is a recent high school graduate who was homeschooled by his mom, Tammy.

As Tammy explains, "When my kids reach high school age, we have them take some of their classes online. It's a good experience for them to work with a different teacher—not their mom—and it allows us to have someone else teach the classes that need some expertise that we might not have. I loved having theology classes available through the WELS Association of Lutheran High Schools Online (ALHS Online) because we've taught our children that God's Word is the most important thing in our day, so a resource that helps us to focus on that is a blessing."

Two of Tammy's children have taken courses through ALHS Online and in addition to theology have also studied Spanish and physical science with ALHS Online's teachers.

As Tammy notes, "The quality of the instruction at ALHS Online has been great. You can tell that these are Christian people who care about our kids. Christian fellowship is a big deal to us, and it is a wonderful blessing to us to trust part of our children's education to someone who shares our faith. Faith changes perspective, and it really helps to be starting on the same page."

In the October issue of Forward in Christ, we spotlighted the WELS Association of Lutheran High Schools Online in a "Where are they now?" news story. Many people might not realize that WELS offers this online learning resource that is celebrating its 10th anniversary this school year.

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