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Christian love in politics

Remember who you are as you conduct yourself during this political season.

Bethany Siegel

Even though this is about politics, I’m not going to tell you who to vote for or try to convince you that Jesus would be supporting a particular side. But I want to offer some thoughts about attitudes during election times.

Here’s an example of some things that trouble me. You see a post on social media from a friend whose reputation within the church is one that the apostle Paul himself would commend: church council member, Sunday school teacher, someone freely giving his or her time and talents to further God’s work on earth. And yet, this person shares a video that shows a politician in a less-than-flattering, possibly slanderous, light. Maybe the message of the video is true—it’s hard to tell these days. Maybe it’s only edited to be inflammatory. In either case the video demonstrates how awful the politician is and how we should “wake up” to the truth. The end justifies the means, right?
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