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A leap of faith

Rebekah Thoma took a leap of faith when she became a WELS teacher. As a student at Dr. Martin Luther College in the early 1990s, Rebekah questioned whether becoming a Christian teacher was the right path for her. As you can see from these photos of Rebekah with her current kindergarten class at St. Peter's, Sturgeon, Bay, Wis., God has blessed her decision. To learn what helped her decide to commit to this path, read her article from the January issue, "Becoming a living sacrifice."

Elena Thoma, Rebecca's daughter, is following in her mom's footsteps and is a junior at Martin Luther College. Elena took the photos for her mom's article. Here are a few more that we couldn't include in the print issue.
Rebekah Thoma, merry go round
Rebekah Thoma, kneeling outside
Rebekah Thoma, leaning over desk
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