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"My soul is light like a feather"

Lucho Herrera (pictured, left) moved from his home in Bogotá, Colombia, to Florida, where his life was changed when he heard about God's grace through Divine Savior Lutheran Academy and then Academia Cristo. He sent his brother, Camilo (pictured, right), who still lived in Bogotá, the Academia Cristo app.

Camilo installed the app on his phone and began taking Bible classes. The classes led him down the path to a clearer understanding of sin and grace and Jesus’ sacrifice to remove guilt. He enrolled in live classes through Academia Cristo, eagerly studying God’s Word. Camilo is now confirmed and sharing the gospel with his family and friends. He also is working with church leaders to help start a church in Bogotá.

Camilo becomes emotional when talking about his brother sharing the gospel with him: “I want to thank my older brother, Lucho. He knocked and knocked and helped bring me out of the darkness. Before, my soul was weighted as a rock. Now my soul is light like a feather.”

Read Lucho and Camilo's full story, Bringing the Word to Bogotá, in Forward in Christ's December issue.
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The power of God's Word

Watch this three-minute video from Camilo Herrera to see a heartfelt expression of faith and gratefulness for the message of God's grace that he heard from Academia Cristo.

Academia Cristo is the focus of WELS' Latin America missions team. It is a multi-faceted effort that seeks to 1) make disciples in Latin America by sharing the message of God’s grace with as many as possible, 2) identify and train potential leaders, and 3) encourage those leaders to make disciples who plant churches. The Latin America missions team uses social media to promote its mobile app and website throughout Latin America.

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