Harris being baptized by Bitter

Adult baptism in Atlanta

Have you ever seen an adult baptism? It's a powerful experience. If you'd like to be a front-row witness to an adult baptism at the WELS home mission in Atlanta, Ga., watch this video of Pastor Lucas Bitter baptizing Brad Harris.

To learn more about Brad and how he grew in faith at a time when Intown Lutheran in Atlanta wasn't even holding in-person services or Bible classes, read "Confessions of faith" in the November issue of Forward in Christ.
Harris and his daughter with Bitter
Photos: Lucas Bitter, pastor at Intown, Atlanta, Ga., baptized Brad Harris on July 19. Also pictured is Brad's daughter, Harlow.

Honor a veteran

In honor of Veterans Day, refer a service member in your life to receive a free copy of the Christian Service Members' Handbook. This new book was developed to help Christians in the military stay strong in their faith. It includes prayers, devotions, hymns, Bible readings, and more. Military members can receive this book for free. Fill out a military service member referral form at wels.net/refer. Civilians can purchase the book from Northwestern Publishing House for $6.99. Read a review of the book from the November issue.

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