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New WELS churches launch this fall

It would have been easy to make excuses. This hasn't been an easy year. Things have not gone according to the way anyone planned. Yet WELS home mission congregations in Brandon, S.D., and Houston, Texas, did not let that stop them. They both launched their first public worship services in September. Read more about the many exciting things going on in WELS Home Missions in the article "Home Missions continues its mission of sharing the gospel."

To learn more about Sure Foundation, Brandon, S.D., watch this video featuring Craig Wilke, Sure Foundation's home missionary. Wilke details how the congregation decided on where to hold its worship services and Bible classes.
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Photos: Sure Foundation, Brandon, S.D., held its grand opening worship service on Sept. 20.
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Good news!

Tired of the endless political ads and other anxiety-inducing news reports? Check out Forward in Christ's Community page, which includes photos and videos from WELS ministries around the world, reminding us that God's work is still being done. Our God reigns, and he is blessing the proclamation of the gospel, just as he promised he would.

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