Starting a church during a pandemic

Folsom is in northern California, between Sacramento and the Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s an exciting place to start a church. I arrived in Folsom in the fall of 2019, with an energetic family ready to meet a fantastic core group. We had a year before we were scheduled to launch public worship. The next 12 months would be spent doing the important foundational work of starting a church.

The first phase would focus primarily on building strength and trust within the core group. The second phase was to unleash the group on the community. Invitations, canvassing, service projects, etc., would all lead up to a grand worship launch with many new faces from the community.

Things were moving right along. We met regularly to plan. A logo was chosen, and we ordered all kinds of swag. The website was coming along, and God provided a great place of worship to rent for our launch. We even had several prospects in Bible information class. Momentum was building. We were all set for phase 2.

And then it happened . . . COVID-19.

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An update from Missionary David Koelpin

Did you finish reading the article above? Are you wondering how Foundation's ministry has adapted during the pandemic? Here's an update from Missionary Koelpin:

Through the COVID experience, the Lord has really blessed our e-devotional ministry. In an attempt to keep our core group spiritually fed during the stay-at-home directive, I started writing devotions every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They are called REINFORCEMENTS (a little play off our name, FOUNDATION) and are designed to be read in less than 45 seconds. We ended up getting a large number of local subscribers from our community, and now nearly 100 people who were not associated with Foundation are getting devotions 3 times a week (that’s not including social media views). The numbers aren’t astronomical, but it is another example of how the Lord gets his work done in his time and in his way, but always through his Spirit.

Interested in reading or receiving these e-devotions? Visit buildonjesus.com/daily-reinforcements.
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