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Scratching an itch

“Stop touching your face,” my wife scolds me.

I know I’m not supposed to. I know it increases the chances I could get sick. I know it is socially taboo, but I can’t help it.

My face itches. I have a beard. I have dry skin. I have allergies.

When you have an itch, it’s hard not to scratch it.

My face isn’t the only thing that itches, though. My ears do too. My eyes do too. My heart does too. . . .

By nature, we all want to hear the affirmation that who we are and what we think is good and right. Nobody enjoys having their failures and weaknesses pointed out to them. Nobody likes being told they are wrong. We want to hear we are good enough just as we are. We want positive, uplifting messages which reaffirm our personal opinions and values.

We want churches which teach what we believe. And some Christian churches will do just that. They will cater to your personal whims. They will tell you what you want to hear or at least try to avoid what you don’t want to hear. They scratch the narcissistic itch we all have in our hearts and minds.

And just like my itching beard, that’s hard to resist.

This is an excerpt from a blog written by one of Forward in Christ's editorialists, Andrew Schroer. To read the full blog, visit 364daysofthanksgiving.com/scratching-itch.
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Andrew Schroer is a contributing editor for the "Editorial comment" column in Forward in Christ. In July, Schroer discusses some of the thoughts that Christians are wrestling with as they consider in-person worship.

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